We provide only Toyota Brand transportation for your journey in Bhutan when nessesary with 4wheel drive and Air condition

Hi-Ace bus (Mini Bus is use for 3-5people) Toyota brand, Comfortable seats, with Air conditioner) Very luxury and comfortable Hyundia Tucson 4wheel drive, Newly introduced in the Himalaya. for 2 people Toyota Prado Land Crusier for 2-3people. Land Cruiser is provide to have a luxury drive through the winding road with an extra charges of US$ 100 per day. Big buses with 18 – 22 Seaters are for the group size more then 6people, If we have more then 18 people in the group, we will provide more buses to make your journey comfortable and luxury,

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   Post No: 1377

   Phone: 00 975- 2 -321-559

   Direct No: 00 975 -1761-2552

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